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Liberty Lake Coworking Covid-19 Pledge

Updated: 5/17/2021

Caring about the health, safety, and well-being of our workspace community is a core value of Liberty Lake Coworking.  Due to Covid-19, we have implemented new health and safety protocols and will update this page as things change, or as we receive new information from our public health agencies.

Entering the Community

Members and guests are requested to refrain from entering our facility if they exhibit any of the following symptoms:

Fever, shortness of breath, coughing, achiness or any flu-like symptoms.  Signage is posted outside the entrance door and in our lobby.

Members must wear masks upon entering the main building and while in the common areas of the main building. Unless they are fully vaccinated and are at least two weeks beyond the last immunization.  

Cleaning & Sanitizing

Common areas, high-traffic areas, door handles, and light switches will be cleaned regularly.

Workspaces, Meeting Rooms, Lounge, Copy & Mail Areas, Phone Booths

Meeting room tables and chairs, credenzas, and remote controls will be cleaned regularly.

Coworking stations and chairs will be cleaned after a member leaves the space.

Members are asked to wipe down any common surface area they have touched such as the copy machine, coworking station, or lounge/kitchen countertops. Cleaning supplies are provided at our sanitization station located centrally in our space.


Each workstation has acrylic guarding to help prevent cross-contamination.

Workstations are now 6ft apart.

We request that each member sanitize their workstation after they are done for the day.


If you do not care to use our dishes and utensils, we ask that you bring your own disposable or reusable.

Liberty Lake Coworking staff will make the coffee. Members and guests should not make coffee at this time to keep exposure as low as possible.

Disposable tissues are available throughout the suite for members to use should they need something to open doors with handles. (fridge, cabinets, doors, etc.)

Kitchen guidelines have been posted in the kitchen include the following:

  • Please do not put any open containers of any kind in the refrigerator.  This also includes silverware, used straws, or anything that could potentially contaminate other items in the fridge.
  • Please wash hands upon entering the kitchen area with soap and water. (leave water faucet in ON position and utilize the touchless off/on feature)
  • Please keep area tidy and clean up your mess.
  • Please put used dishes in the dishwasher. Please do not handwash dishes. (no exceptions)
  • You are welcome to use paper products instead of reusable.
  • Bakery tissues are for your use if you would like to avoid touching handles of any kind.  Please dispose of used tissues.
  • When filling your water container, do not allow your glass or water bottle to come in contact with the dispenser waterspout.
  • When using ice scoop, do not allow the scoop to come in contact with your water container. (feel free to use tissue when handling scoop)

Suite and Building Ventilation Systems

  • Fan speeds have been increased to increase ventilation rates.
  • Ventilation and HVAC system is inspected quarterly.
  • Economizer air intake has been increased which increases the effective dilution ventilation per person.  The system has been adjusted to reduce recirculation as much as possible.
  • Merv-8 pleated filters are used to improve air filtration and are replaces quarterly. 
  • HVAC system runs 24/7 to enhance air exchange in the building.

Hygiene Guidelines for All

We have sanitizer for everyone’s convenience. Located at our sanitizing station.

Please bring your own mask and sanitizers for your personal/daily use.  Masks will be provided for those who don’t have one, but we ask members, guests, and staff who are in the space daily to provide their own masks and hand sanitizer as supplies can be difficult to obtain and quantity limits are still in place for many items.

Everyone should be washing their hands frequently. Use your arm or sleeve when coughing or sneezing, not your hands, and use hand sanitizer regularly. Dispose of any tissues immediately and wash your hands or use sanitizer any time you have used tissues. If you experience any symptoms seek medical attention immediately and please remove yourself from the space.  If you feel sick or unwell – stay home. 


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