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Virtual Offices

Start your virtual membership now at Liberty Lake Coworking


Are you a home based business that would like to have a brick and mortar business address?  A virtual membership will give you the benefit of having a professional business address to receive your business mail and packages. A one year contract for this membership is required. *Scanning and forwarding available for additional fees. To enroll, click the button below to get started. 


If you have a virtual office with us, we offer a 20% discount on our meeting room rental.  Contact us for the discount code.


Our virtual office members can enjoy a 20% discount on our punchpass offerings.  Contact us for the discount code.


Great question! There are a few reasons. 

Professional Image

A virtual office provides a physical business address that is typically in a prestigious location. This can enhance your company’s professional image and credibility, especially if you’re a remote or home-based business.


Mail and Parcel Handling

Our service offers an App so you can see what mail has arrived.  You can advise us if you need us to forward, discard or shred, right from your phone.  We also can receive and sign for packages and mail for you.

Meeting Space


At Liberty Lake Coworking, we provide discounts for our meeting rooms to our virtual office members.  This allows you to have a professional space for client meetings, presentations or interviews.

Absolutely!  We do have additional fees for forwarding/scanning which depends on how much mail you get.


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