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5 Ways To Manage Your Time More Effectively

Time Management Man

Do you ever feel like you’re constantly scrambling at the last second to meet deadlines? Do you get to the end of the workday and wonder where all your time went? In a perfect world, we would never procrastinate and would make sure we always spend our time as wisely as we can. Unfortunately, most of us don’t live in that perfect world. We have families, hobbies, and when you look out the window and see the sunshine, it’s easy to be distracted. Working in a coworking space can lessen those distractions, but managing your time is something that takes some practice, even when you’re in the ideal setting.

Let’s start with why time management is so important. The better your time is spent at the office, the more productive you feel, the less stressed you are, and the better the overall quality of your work. On the contrary, if you don’t manage your time well, you can feel overwhelmed and whatever it is you’re working on can really suffer. When stress comes into play, the burnout usually isn’t too far behind. I’ve seen it time and time again where someone waits until the very last second to complete a project. The quality of their work is weak and rushed, and that can lead to less excitement and less passion about whatever the project is to the point where they stop caring and give up completely, sometimes even failing to meet their deadlines.

In order to prevent that burnout and the negative feelings that might come up when we don’t get things done on time or when our finished work isn’t as good as it could have been, (if only we had given ourselves more time!), I’ve compiled a list of some helpful tips to give you a hand in becoming the most productive version of yourself you can be.

1. Set goals that are S.M.A.R.T.

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Realistic
  • Time-Bound

Too often, it’s easy to set the bar too high for ourselves. If we set goals that are well within our reach in the time that we are given, it makes us feel accomplished and happier when we meet those goals, even if they are something small like responding to an email you may have been putting off, or posting a quick blurb on your company social media page. Write your goals down and check them off as you go!

2. Keep mornings for your most important tasks.

Get your most daunting task out of the way first thing so everything that comes after that won’t seem so tough to get through.

3. Stop Multitasking.

We make think we seem more productive when we have multiple projects going on at once, but the truth is that only 2% of people are able to multitask effectively. So, focus on one thing at a time and you’re sure to make that single item better than if you were spreading your attention to several other projects.

The next important tip is to make sure you’re taking breaks. Break time can make sure your brain can have a chance to rejuvenate itself and reset so you can regain your focus and maintain a clear thought process. Sometimes taking a break can seem counterproductive; maybe you’re worried you’ll lose your train of thought or maybe you feel like you’d only be wasting time, but in reality, it’s the exact opposite! Your brain needs a break!

4. Eliminate those outside distractions.

Save your personal phone calls for your lunch break, close your office door to minimize outside noise, and save those texts for later. While you’re at work, you’re at work. Those cat videos can wait!

All that being said, everyone has the same 24 hours in their day, right? It’s up to us how we spend each of those hours so let’s practice managing our time to the best of our abilities, especially while we’re at the office.

Reducing distractions and surrounding yourself with other remote workers make a big difference in time management. 

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