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Thriving as an Entrepreneur in a Coworking Space

Entrepreneur Coworking in Liberty Lake, WA

Find a Balance

For over a year now many of us have been working from home during this pandemic. As an entrepreneur, not having an office space can be a challenge. One of the biggest struggles is finding a work/life balance. You want your home to feel like a home, not your office! Coworking spaces have become more popular throughout the years as a place for individuals to have an office space away from home. Having a flexible office space benefits us as entrepreneurs in several ways.   


Who doesn’t want a community of other entrepreneurs as their coworkers? At a coworking space, you are working with individuals who are in the same place as you, both professionally and personally. You will find the support and motivation to grow your business. Instead of sitting down at your computer, you will walk into an inviting workspace with others just like you. Belongingness and connection are imperative to a fulfilling life.


Working alongside others is a fantastic way to build your network. Many individuals who use a coworking space have been in your shoes, because of this you can think of them as mentors. Through coworking, you can collaborate with others lean into other’s experiences, and share yours.  It’s a win/win for everyone.

Discovering a balance in your life is important because it will help you thrive as an individual and as an entrepreneur. Coworking creates a work-family that will encourage you to flourish as a business owner. 

To learn more about what it’s like to be an entrepreneur in a coworking environment, check out Christopher Helkey’s video.


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